Some Messy Statistics About Finding A Job

After being in the recruiting industry for over 20 years we have come across some interesting statistics that many people, especially military veterans, don’t realize about the hiring process.  Here are a few:

  • 49.8% of veterans leave their first job within a year
  • 65.3% of veterans leave their first job within 2 years
  • 70% of people lie on their resume
  • 80% of people lie during job interviews
  • 78% of job seekers admit to misrepresenting themselves on applications
  • Approximately 70 – 80% of job opportunities are not advertised (the “hidden” job market)
  • The average recruiter spends only 6 – 9 seconds to screen a resume.
  • Less than 15% of people are hired through the traditional job application process
  • There are approximately 250 applications for every job opening
  • Around 2/3 of large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems to manage the large influx of job applications

While the numbers may vary on these statistics depending on the source used, the overall message is fairly consistent: Securing a good long-term job can be a messy affair for military officers. The good news is that at Alliance Careers, we have a long track record of overcoming the hiring challenges for veterans.

  • Due to our careful vetting of companies and a precision approach to aligning candidates with jobs, over 90% of our candidates will be with the same company at the 2-year mark. That’s a record we have maintained throughout our existence.
  • When working with Alliance, you are accessing that hidden job market. A large percentage of opportunities at our hiring conferences are not publicly advertised. Many of our client companies use Alliance as their sole source of military talent.
  • Alliance levels the playing field by only partnering with military officers with impeccable records. Because of that, you are much less likely to be competing against those whose integrity takes a back seat to finding a job.
  • At Alliance, your resume doesn’t get filtered through Applicant Tracking Systems that, by their nature, are biased against veterans who lack civilian experience. Instead, your resume goes straight to decision-makers for consideration. And these decision-makers understand what an officer brings to the table.  Many of them are veterans themselves.

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