Considering Transition?

The best companies seek the best talent for priority positions. Top-performing junior military officers have tremendous career momentum built up from progression in responsibilities and increasingly demanding leadership billets. Translating the experience gained from service can be challenging. Finding the right opportunity to set a strong foundation in your new business career requires thorough preparation.

Our selectivity begins with the opportunities we present and our company partners. Just like not every officer is the same, the same goes for companies and opportunities. Every career placement is thoroughly researched by our staff for key factors: growth potential, financial stability & vitality, and cultural values. Corporate partners come to us not to simply fill vacant jobs but to make strategic hiring decisions. The high potential opportunity puts top junior military officers on a track towards the executive suite.

The Candidate Selection Process

We represent transitioning officers from all branches of the service, between the ranks of O2 – O4.  If you are outside of this population, please visit Longview Recruiting.  Alliance limits Junior Military Officer partnerships to 300 candidates per year to ensure that every candidate receives individualized attention throughout their entire transition. Our approach is two-fold: an objective review of your career history and iterative interviews with our staff. Below is a detailed step-by-step introduction to our selection process.

To begin the selection process with Alliance’s Candidate Team, contact us either via this website, by phone at 1-919-877-7450, or by reaching out to a specific recruiter.  We will have an informational conversation about our process and assist you in deciding whether competing for a slot in the Alliance Transition Program is the right choice for you.

After your initial conversation with a Candidate Team member, our next step will be to send you our selection packet materials.  These consist of an application, geographic preference map, copies of your evaluation reports, unofficial transcripts, and photo.

After submitting your materials, your Candidate Team representative will schedule you for a pre-selection interview.  The purpose of this interview will be to go over your military career highlights and challenges as well as to assess your goals for transition and a future in the business world.  Candidates are encouraged to continue to interview Alliance throughout the entire process to ensure that our services are the right choice for you.

After your file is endorsed by the Candidate Team as a potential Alliance candidate, you will be scheduled for a selection interview with either our CEO or President.  Every candidate will complete this interview before receiving an invitation to join our program.

Once you accept your invitation to join the Transition Program, we will provide an orientation to our training model and get you up and running as your schedule allows.  From day one in the program until day one in your new career, Alliance will be there to assist you throughout the entirety of your transition.

Our Training Program – Corporate Boot Camp

Transition success relies on more than just securing interviews and finding an open job. To maximize your potential and propel your career success beyond the interview stage, you need to put thorough preparation into your transition. Our Corporate Boot Camp is designed to provide MBA-caliber preparation and a broad introduction to the corporate world.

The elements of the Corporate Boot Camp combine to fully prepare you for a smooth and successful transition into a new business career. Through a combination of webinar discussions and individual telephonic consultations, our training staff is in constant contact with you. This personal interaction benefits your preparation by giving you access to our knowledgeable staff and the ability to build a strong relationship with our corporate consultants.  Nothing is more important to finding your career fit than ensuring we truly know and understand you and your loved ones.

Our training program includes:

  • Live one-on-one and small group training sessions on
    • Career Fields & Industries
    • Corporate Structure
    • Corporate Finance
    • StrengthsFinder assessments
  • Harvard Business School case studies
  • Resume preparation and review
  • Mock interview training
  • Alumni webinars

The Conference and Hiring Process

We host hiring conferences to match the availability of our candidates and the current hiring needs of our employers. The hiring conference is a four day event hosted Saturday through Tuesday. Alliance will sponsor you through pre-payment of your hotel room and reimbursement of travel costs. The first two days of your hiring conference will be focused on final preparation, to include in-person mock interviews and company briefs by Alliance staff. Interviews with company representatives and hiring managers will take place on the final two days. Spouses and significant others are highly encouraged to attend our hiring conferences. Throughout the entire conference, Alliance staff will be there to assist in any way needed.

“They truly care about you. It’s not just about numbers to them, it’s about placing people in the right opportunities.”

            -Clint C, US Army

Once you complete initial interviews at your conference, Alliance will promptly notify you of companies interested in conducting follow up interviews. We will be with you through every step of the follow up process, from assisting in travel arrangements, providing advice, to aiding you with the offer negotiation and acceptance.

The Alliance Alumni Program

Our relationship with candidates does not end after offer acceptance. For us, that first position is just the beginning of a lifetime relationship with you throughout your career. We stay with you in the first few months to ensure that your transition is smooth and provide third-party mentoring as you prefer. Our Alumni regularly return to Alliance hiring conferences to provide insight on their career successes to candidates as well as to sit on the other side of the interviewing table and find new talent for their teams.

Our Longview division can also assist you as you progress in your career, whether that is by assisting in enlisted talent acquisition or via higher-level placements once you gain industry experience.

Uniquely, Alliance will also support alumni interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Whether you want to start out as a franchisee and would like assistance with site selection, or you have a business plan of your own that you would like counsel on, we are here to assist.  Through our affiliated private equity firm, we can assist with capital needed to start or grow your business.

Not all junior military officers are the same and neither are all military recruiting firms. Alliance is peerless with regard to customer service, quality opportunities, candidate and client selection, retention, and lifetime assistance.  Please check out our alumni testimonials here.