First and foremost, I cannot begin to thank the Alliance team enough for all of the help they provided during what was a stressful time during the transition from military to civilian work.  The amount of time and effort towards each candidate is unbelievable.  All of that preparation prior to attending a conference makes the interviews less stressful and nerve-racking.  After working with other military recruiting companies, and attending one of their conferences with no results, I felt defeated, stressed and anxious about my upcoming transition.  It affected every aspect of my life until I contacted Alliance from a recommendation of a friend in a similar situation.  From the first phone call all the way through the start of my new job I have felt as if everybody I interacted with personally wanted me to be successful, for my sake not for their own gain.  It doesn’t stop there, not only did they help with all aspects of trying to find a new job and accepting a position, but they want to ensure that it becomes a career that you have a sense of fulfillment from. With the help of this amazing group of people that form Alliance, my transition became turning to a new chapter, rather than writing the next Odyssey.

-John P.

My journey towards finding the right job in the corporate world was nearly a year and a half long.  During this time I worked with all of the big military recruiters but they were not placing me in the right geography, compensation range, and/or job field; I wasn’t getting the right “fit” for my dream job.  I was approached by Alliance near the end of my hunt when I had nearly given up.  They were highly professional, courteous, and genuine with me throughout the recruiting process. My interests were piqued when I found out how they only select top candidates and screen them to make sure they are top notch.  This degree of selection from Alliance I had not experienced with other recruiters.  Their selection process made me feel secure knowing that my peers would be top performers, and, more importantly, my potential companies would also be top performers and Fortune 500s.  Alliance trained me how to write an attention grabbing resume, become a natural interviewee, and learn how to make appropriate analogies for my military to civilian experience.  As if things were not perfect already; I was further astonished to find out that Alliance covered the cost of my flight, hotel, and expenses to attend their conferences.  All of these factors made me feel that Alliance put an investment in me and my future.  I arrived at the conference in Dallas and was pleased to see that all of the selection, training, and practice paid off when I received my list of companies for my interviews.  All of the companies that Alliance selected for me were high-performing in their financials, culture, and reputation.  I ultimately got my dream job in my dream field working for a dream of a company thanks to Alliance and their integrated and professional team.  If you are considering transition; choose Alliance.

-Daniel G.

When your decision has been made to exit the military you will undoubtedly find yourself asking the following question; now what?  How you answer that question and the action you take next should be a decision you take with great care.

What was most impressive about Alliance was their unique commitment to the transitioning junior officer.  Having worked with another recruiting agency before Alliance I had a benchmark and perspective to know what didn’t work for me.  From the first phone call, it was obvious that Alliance was an organization that I could partner with, not just leverage. The support and effort the Alliance team invests in every candidate is above and beyond that of any firm within the industry.

Alliance puts in the hours to vet not only the JMO but the companies you’ll interview with also.  This ensures that you, as the candidate, can be confident that wherever you land will be with a stable organization in which the both of you can grow together professionally.

John and his team did an outstanding job listening to my interests and the direction in which I wanted to take my career.  Not a single opportunity presented to me at the hiring conference was a “surprise” or “forced”.

Alliance draws on great talent within their company to work with the best companies in the world in order to give you the best shot in pursuing a career that will be interesting, exciting, and challenging.

The BLUF is this; you will find no better agency that will advocate for your future career better than Alliance.   Take the time and care to put in the work upfront in deciding who you want to partner with.  Be critical, be deliberate, and be methodical.  When you do all of that, you’ll find that it’s Alliance, which will stand out and be the answer to that tough question you’ve been asking yourself.

-Justin C.

The training gave me the ability to speak intelligently and confidently about all business functional areas.  Additionally, the interview training really prepared me for the real thing, resulting in success.  There were many different leadership development and high potential positions available in a lot of companies in a lot of different areas, allowing my fiance and I to choose the best opportunity for us.  The individual attention by the Alliance staff was greatly appreciated.  My fiance and I were well received and cared for.

-John H.

I had a great experience, interviewing with a lot of outstanding companies and was hired at the marketing and analytics firm where I’ve worked for the past four years. The support Alliance provided me and their pre-hiring program prepared me well for the process and allowed me to make a seamless transition out of the military. Since then I’ve been involved in the hiring of another dozen Alliance candidates at our company. The quality of the people we’ve been able to bring in has remained consistently high. Recruiting top talent has been one of the main drivers of our company’s success and our relationship with Alliance has been instrumental in allowing us to continue to do that.

-Eddie E.

Alliance filled every gap that I had between planet Army and the business world.  I had so much to learn and Alliance was providing the rubric and syllabus to put me on the right trajectory.  From my plywood shack at 7,000 feet in Ghazni City, I learned about Corporate America, operations management, finance, marketing, consulting, sales, career management, and my personal strengths through engaging classes and consultations.  I was very grateful that a company like Alliance existed.  It provided a structured program to prepare me for my goal.  I didn’t have to do it alone.  I am very excited about my new position.  I truly believe it is the right opportunity at the right time.  I am confident that this will springboard me into a long and successful career in Corporate America.

-Aaron S.

The mock interviews and preparation were awesome! It is what sets Alliance apart from the competition.  The opportunities are excellent, I can honestly say that 9 of 11 are high potential positions I would be happy in.  The Alliance staff knew me well and were very supportive of my wife as well.  The spouses meeting was great!  I thought my toughest job would be finding a job, but now my toughest job is choosing which job to pursue!

-Justin H.

Transitioning from the military is a confusing and stressful time, but with Alliance’s help it was more like just another PCS. The staff is extremely qualified and very attentive to individual needs. I was well prepared for my interviews with great companies. The toughest part of the whole process was picking which company was the best fit for me.

-Anthony B.

Reflecting back 7 years later on my Army to corporate America transition experience, Alliance provided me with premier, business essential tools, to make the absolute best decision, for making the absolute most important decision of my life.  Upon returning from commanding an Infantry company in combat, Alliance immediately trained me with a superlative level of preparation going into the hiring conference, which allowed me to win key interviews, maximizing the number of opportunities provided.  This allowed me to be methodical about making the right decision for achieving my future personal and professional goals.

With winning the opportunity to join the ranks of a top marketing and analytics firm, my ultimate decision has been continuously validated each and every day throughout the past 7 years. In serving in leadership roles as a Project Manager, then earning Executive Project Manager, and most recent selection as Director of Project Management, I have been able to make a quantifiable impact within our high-performance team. I am extremely grateful as well as appreciative for the training provided which led to the valuable opportunity that Alliance has provided me with. As proven by the high-caliber individuals they select along with the lucrative opportunities provided, Alliance is without a doubt, THE top JMO transition service.

-David Z.

The staff at Alliance are honest and straightforward.  From day one I have felt like an individual, not a number or even a dollar sign.  Alliance cares and stands by their business model and doing what is right because it is right.

-Liz T.

The decision to get out with only 7 years to go for retirement and already at the rank of Major was a tough one.  It was the right decision, but I had no idea how or where to start.  What I did know was I needed help in order to translate my skills from the military to a corporate employer.  I looked at every company and service out there and I found an unmatched leader in the field with Alliance.  The assistance and training they provided was invaluable.  After attending just one of their conferences I was placed in a top marketing job for an IT firm, something I would have never thought to look for on my own.  However, the story doesn’t stop there.  The company that hired me made some realignments in their organization and the position I filled was no longer existent.  Despite emphatic reviews by the VP of Marketing I had to be let go.  Alliance immediately sprang into action when I notified them of my situation.  I was prepared to go to the next conference, but they actually found me another job in Project Management and I was hired and back to work in just two weeks.  I am proudly coming up on my 1 year anniversary at my new company and couldn’t have found a better fit.  This dedication to their candidates is an extension of the promise they make to you the second you sign the agreement to work with them.  They proved that it wasn’t just me who was agreeing to be work with them for a short time while they found me a job, but a lifetime commitment to their candidates.  Now thanks to Alliance, I don’t have a job, I have a career.

-Ryan H.

I want to thank the entire Alliance team for such a great transition process.  I must admit that I was nervous about the whole thing, but I grew more and more confident as time went on.  By the time I was halfway through the conference, my unease had been replaced with confidence.  I look forward to my employment with this telecommunications company and staying in touch with Alliance.

-Dave H.

Thank you for accepting me into your program and for your unwavering support throughout the entire program.  My spouse and I had a great time at the conference and made it our job to obtain the follow up interviews we wanted.  Bringing spouses along is an invaluable recommendation by Alliance and I am positive it supported our cause tremendously.

-Jarrod P.

The service provided by Alliance staff was top-notch in terms of professionalism, development, and openness.  Alliance really caters to their candidates and you will feel like their number on priority at all times.

-Chris G.

Alliance has top-notch training conducted by a real person–NO ONE else does that.  This is the most responsive, caring group I’ve ever worked with.  They took the time to understand my professional desires and worked hard to find companies and opportunities that matched them.

-Adam C.

I felt very prepared going into my first interview.  It was clear that Alliance had taken into consideration things that were important to my family and me.  Alliance went a step further and suggested opportunities that I may not have originally considered.  The staff cares and takes pride in what they do.  They have created an amazing, mutually beneficial relationship.  Alliance has turned the recruiting experience into an art and science.  They truly care and each staff member takes a personal interest in our success.

-Nick B.

The training days prior to interviewing at the conference made me feel comfortable in the environment and definitely made the interviews feel better.  The opportunities were better than I anticipated.  I thought I would be pigeon-holed into entry level manufacturing jobs.  To see big name social media companies is also refreshing.  The staff was very courteous and always there to help.

-Devin P.

The Alliance staff is extremely professional and organized.  All of the training is excellent in giving candidates an understanding of multiple corporate career paths.  The menu of opportunities was exactly what I was looking for, a good balance of sales, engineering, and operations.  The Alliance staff is extremely professional, dedicated, and passionate about their jobs.  They truly make you feel like a part of the Alliance family.  Without Alliance I would not have found the guidance and direction needed to start on this new opportunity.

-Brenton M.

The mock interviews and phone interviews were great preparation tools.   Worksheets also assisted me in developing and preparing my success stories.  My conference experience was much better than what I went through with a previous company.

-Michelle V.

Outstanding service, this company cares and I learned a lot about what it took to be successful.  I liked the number of different opportunities, it was nice having the flexibility to choose a company that fit me.  The best military recruiting staff I have ever met, amazing people who care and want to find you an amazing job.  Everything throughout the entire process was excellent, I could not ask for a better experience.

-Jay E.

Interview prep was the most worthwhile aspect of the training for me.  Every practice session was better than the previous one and I felt prepared for the conference.  The Alliance staff provided excellent service and support during the conference.  It was a great experience overall, much better than I expected given my interaction with other recruiting firms.

-Rick F.

I received incredible preparation from the entire training staff, particularly John Zornick and the staff members that conducted mock interviews with me.  I had a wide range of opportunities in different fields to choose from.  The staff was immensely helpful at conference and everything was first rate.

-Andrew B.

The training was well run, but the biggest impact by far was the interview preparation.  The process of filling out interview preparation worksheets greatly assisted me in forming answers for my responses.  The entire Alliance staff was great at taking time to address my concerns, I have an incredible new opportunity to launch my new career.

-John D.

I was exposed to great opportunities of a much higher caliber than I had seen elsewhere.  I really feel like the Alliance staff set me up for success throughout and was very genuine and sincere.

-Vikas B.