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We are committed to assisting military veterans in the pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors within their preferred geographic location.

With our unparalleled approach to career transition, Alliance Careers has long been recognized as a leader among the transitioning military community, specifically among Junior Military Officers. Alliance Careers is proud to be the FIRST military recruiting firm to offer qualified veterans an entrepreneurial option aimed at helping you build a business that enables you to create wealth and live your dreams.

Why Should You Consider Becoming an Entrepreneur?

  1. Geographic flexibility
  2. Do work you are passionate about
  3. Create jobs
  4. Determine your own income
  5. Be your own boss
  6. Become more resilient
  7. Develop enhanced business acumen
  8. Leave a legacy behind

What can Alliance’s Entrepreneurial Division Provide?

  1. Matching candidates with the right entrepreneurial opportunity
  2. Financial support
  3. Tax preparation and accounting assistance
  4. Mentorship

Alliance has the capability to qualified Veteran candidates with several entrepreneurial options to determine best “fit”, and can provide financial support in assisting you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.
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