We’ve been through transition too…

The idea to create Alliance began in 1992 when founder, John Todd, transitioned and used the services of a military recruiting firm. After attending a hiring conference, he joined a global company as a sales representative.  As promising as the transition began, 90 days later, the company abruptly announced a major workforce reduction and restructuring of its divisions. Amidst the downsize, it became apparent that this was no longer a growth opportunity.  Finding a second job 100 days after leaving the Army made a tough transition even harder. The experience was a powerful reminder of how easy it is to leave behind a successful military career and find one’s self in non-growth and unrewarding opportunities.

Ten years later, after leading one of the country’s fastest growing companies to a 100% stock merger, John formed the parent company of Alliance. He made a commitment to build the premier military candidate recruiting firm with the mission of making the transition to Corporate America as successful as possible for top tier talent. The lessons learned from being a candidate himself and from attempting to hire officer candidates identified some glaring weaknesses in the military recruiting industry.  Chief among them was the need to screen for quality opportunities.

Every corporate client that Alliance partners with is carefully screened for important factors: a strategic talent acquisition mindset, financial stability & vitality, and a culture of values.  Every opportunity that we place candidates into is guaranteed to be a high-potential, growth position.  Corporate partners come to our hiring conferences to hire their future executive leadership. Before inviting a client to partner with us, Alliance will conduct a thorough financial analysis of the company to guard against any potential indicators of financial instability.  Finally, our corporate partners demonstrate values-based cultures and are screened for a cultural fit for the top-performing military candidate.

Loyalty and Integrity are paramount to our services

Every candidate that is invited to join Alliance’s Career Transition Service will expect and see certain conduct from our company and our staff.  We codify these expectations in our Partnership Agreement whereby Alliance guarantees:

  • Career transition training that will be targeted at improving candidate knowledge of Corporate America and interviewing skills.
  • Providing one-on-one mock interviews prior to any company interviews.
  • A guarantee to interview with financially-vetted companies seeking high-potential growth candidates.
  • Commitment to an uncompromising standard of integrity.  All information communicated to candidates and clients will always be true throughout the entire process.

This arrangement is a true partnership whereby candidates that join our transition program agree to the following:

  • Put forth the necessary effort to properly allow us to educate and train you for success at the hiring conference.  This includes committing to pre-conference education, interview training program, and participation in resume preparation.
  • Commitment to an uncompromising standard of integrity.  All information communicated to clients and Alliance will always be true throughout the entire interview and hiring process.

Flexible Options

We recognize that not all candidates are the same. Not only do they have different backgrounds, skills, and interests, but they may also have different needs. And as such, we offer two different partnership options. Under our Traditional Partnership, Alliance agrees to pay for the travel and lodging expenses for the candidates attending a hiring conference. In return, we ask those candidates to suspend their active career search by not conducting interviews, attending job fairs, or submitting their résumé through job boards or company postings without prior approval from Alliance. However, they may resume their active search, if need be, 15 days after attending an Alliance hiring conference

If a candidate agrees to and follows the guidelines of the Traditional Partnership, we also provide an “insurance policy” whereby we will bring them back to our next hiring conference as well as put them on the Alliance payroll if that conference doesn’t produce an offer within 30 days.

We also offer a Limited Partnership for select candidates. Under this arrangement, candidates fund their own travel and lodging to their hiring conference, but we allow them to actively pursue their own personal career search. All we ask for is that those candidates keep us informed of the career opportunities they are actively pursuing.

Regardless of the partnership option chosen by the candidate, Alliance is committed to providing the best service in the industry. If you are interested in finding out which partnership is best for you, please contact us.

Signing and returning our agreement is not a legally-binding process.  It is a “gentleman’s handshake” between Alliance and every candidate agreeing to specific expectations and conduct.  Adherence by both parties to this agreement ensures that every candidate is prepared to compete for high-potential, growth opportunities.

The intent behind our process is to have the ability to market our candidates to high-potential, growth oriented positions.  By honestly communicating to us the goals and intent of your transition and career search, we will be able to determine together whether Alliance’s program is right for you.

We will bring you to a hiring conference about 60 days from the day you want to start work (your availability date).  Many companies are reluctant to extend an offer to candidates 60 days beyond their availability date.  We ask that Traditional Partnership candidates not actively interview, apply online, or attend job fairs until 15 days after a hiring conference.  This period enables us to schedule follow-on interviews and assist with offer negotiations.  It also ensures those candidates have at least 45 days to pursue other employment options if they are not satisfied with the outcome of their hiring conference.  Those candidates promise 15 days of their hiring window for a lifetime of service from Alliance Careers, including ongoing career mentorship, additional career placements up to the $300,000 salary mark, and support for entrepreneurial candidates.

There are a lot of options outside of the military.  Part of our candidate selection process is to ensure that our opportunities are right for you.  If you want a high-impact start in the business world with guaranteed growth potential in financially sound organizations, Alliance Careers deserves a place in your transition preparation.

What the Traditional Partnership Agreement does not do is bar you from researching other options, networking with other business leaders and veterans, or having a “plan B.”  Our staff will work tirelessly to place you into an incredible opportunity and to give you world-class preparation.

Alliance has a 100% conference success rate with its Traditional Partnership – meaning all candidates that attend a conference will have follow-on interview options.  If those options do not materialize into offers, Alliance will still be there for you.  For Traditional Partnership candidates that upheld their portion of the Partnership Agreement, Alliance will take care of you by bringing you back to another conference.  To ensure that you have peace of mind, if you have adhered to the Partnership Agreement and have not secured an offer of employment within 30 days of your second conference, Alliance will place you on our payroll at the equivalent of $65,000 annually until you have secured an offer.  While this is a very rare situation, it is a crucial part of our company values and culture.  There is no other company so committed to its candidates.

If you are under the Limited Partnership agreement, you may also attend another conference.  However, we will not provide the same ‘insurance policy’ available through the Traditional Partnership.

We created two partnership options with the knowledge that everyone has different needs so a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work. We feel that for the majority of candidates, the Traditional Partnership agreement is probably the best choice. The fact is that most military officers are very busy and don’t have a well established professional network in the corporate sector. Applying for jobs directly (online applications, job boards, etc.) is both time consuming and relatively unproductive. A resume uploaded to a company’s job portal often falls into the proverbial “Black Hole.” The fact is, that is not how most people get hired. Plus your military resume probably won’t attract the attention of HR gatekeepers because you lack the civilian experience they are seeking, but is held by many civilian candidates. With our Traditional Partnership, not only do we overcome these barriers, but you are assured that if you follow our guidelines you will find employment at your first conference or else be offered the security blanket of being put on the Alliance payroll.
If on the other hand, you have a very well established network and the time on your hands to dedicate to your search effort, then the Limited Partnership may be your best option.

Alliance is a veteran-founded and veteran-owned business.  The majority of our staff are veterans as well and each one of us values the service of our military members.  If transition is right for you, contact us today to learn more about our services.