Alliance may not be the right choice for every junior military officer transitioning from active service.  We will partner with top-performing candidates that are driven for a high-potential opportunity and success in the corporate world. We are the most candidate-focused company in the industry by providing superior opportunities, unmatched transition preparation & training, and lifetime assistance.

We limit our services to 300 high-performing candidates every year.  Despite the anticipated reduction in force, Alliance will continue to partner with 300 candidates to ensure that we continue to provide tailored and individual service to every candidate.

The only college graduates in the current job market that pay for interviews are junior military officers.  Alliance receives a fee from client companies that decide to hire our candidates.  Because the success rate of our hiring events is so much higher than the industry norm, transferring the cost burden to our candidates is unnecessary and inconsistent with our philosophy of treating our candidates as partners.

Character, leadership, and a driven work ethic are the hallmarks of a top-performing junior military officer.  These traits are highly sought after in corporate talent acquisition.  Alliance emphasizes high-potential, growth opportunities because the combination of military experience with corporate training in a leading company is the perfect combination for career growth and success.

By taking the time to select the candidates and corporate partners we invite to a hiring event, Alliance produces the best success rates in the industry.  We measure conference success by every candidate having follow-up interview options and hold steady at 100% success rate.

All of our services are free for candidates.  As a contingency recruiting firm, Alliance receives payment from our corporate partners when and if they make a hiring decision.

Not every vacant position in the business world is designed for growth.  Many jobs are simply that, jobs that a candidate could fill for 10, 20, or 30 years without any chance for upward mobility.  Most companies track their leadership candidates differently, by starting them in a growth position designed to expose them to the company and industry.  Based on performance and contribution, leadership candidates are groomed for higher level positions and promotions.  By hiring talent this way, companies that seek out high-potential candidates are making a strategic decision and investment with these hires.  Alliance selects and only represents growth opportunities within strong companies.

Some of our clients include:


Devon Energy


Dr. Pepper – Snapple Group

Kinder Morgan

Johnson & Johnson


Berkshire Hathaway Company


Chesapeake Energy

& others…

Alliance is unique and matchless in the military recruiting industry.  The fundamental reason for this is our cultural emphasis on quality and integrity.  Our business model focuses on making all parties-candidates, employers, and recruiting firm-equal partners in the hiring process.  This results in an unparalleled level of service for both candidates and employers.  To learn more about our unique story, please read about us.

Every Alliance staff member receives a salaried compensation.  By choosing to pay our staff via salary as opposed to a 100% commission basis, we ensure that every candidate and client partnership choice is made with sound decisions.  Additionally, this prevents either party from being subjected to a high-pressure sales environment.