Monthly Archives: December 2023

Telephonic Interview Advice

Today’s tip is pretty simple and straightforward. It deals with one small but important detail related to telephonic interviews. It’s very relevant for us at Alliance because we do thousands of telephonic interviews (both real and practice) with our candidates. You may have never thought of it, but telephonic interviews are actually the most common […]

Verbal vs. Written Job Offers

At Alliance Careers, our assistance to candidates doesn’t end with the interviews conducted at the hiring conference. Our job isn’t complete until we have guided them all of the way through the offer negotiation phase. Where it can get tricky is when an offer is verbalized before being put into writing. When it comes to […]

Does Your College Major Matter?

I read an article in the Washington Post recently that made me want to revisit a blog post I wrote almost exactly five years ago.  The Post article, The Most-Regretted (and Lowest-Paying) College Majors goes on to say that those who major in the humanities have the biggest regrets due to the least appealing job prospects.  By […]