Monthly Archives: April 2024

A Tale of Two Elevators

This week I’d like to go back a few years to describe two different elevator stories: one with a happy ending and another that was not. To start, let me try to paint the picture of what in-person Alliance hiring conferences were like prior to us shifting to virtual conferences. They all took place in […]

A Bad Habit You Didn’t Know You Had

If you have been in the Military for a few years, you may have received some instruction on the Military writing style. I recall learning some of the basics from a former Company Commander as well as what they taught us in the Infantry Officer Advanced Course. This training proved valuable later in my career […]

Attitude is Everything

James Citrin is a well-known executive recruiter, career coach, and author of several informative books including one on our recommended reading list, The First 90 Days. In his book called The Career Playbook, he offers advice to aspiring professionals. One thing he mentions is that “Nothing is more important than a positive attitude.” Citrin rightly […]