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Tips for Proofreading Your Resume

It goes without saying that you should always proofread important documents. And what document is more important in your career search than your resume? Yet, unfortunately, we see resumes  submitted to us or on job boards that are riddled with basic errors that could have easily been caught if only good proofreading had been done. Don’t […]

Put Yourself In the Interviewer’s Shoes

One of the keys to nailing an interview is to have a good variety of stories prepared ahead of time.  And one thing we really love about our jobs is that we get to hear some truly amazing stories. But a story is only effective if the interviewer has a good appreciation for the significance […]

Our 10 Favorite Resume Words

Not long ago, we posted a list of problematic words that are often misused on resumes. We thought it would be a good idea to follow it up with a list of those words that we love to see used on resumes.   To make our list more focused, we decided to only consider action verbs. […]

Eyes Right!

Today our topic is about the importance of eye contact. Think about a time when you were having a serious conversation with another person, perhaps a junior member of your team, and that person had difficulty making eye contact with you. Do you remember what you were thinking at the time? Could it be that […]

Words you May Be Using Incorrectly on your Resume

Having read thousands of resumes, we have seen just about every common mistake imaginable. But we are careful not to judge because we are all prone to making writing mistakes. For many of us, it’s due to the fact that we can’t type quite as quickly as we can think. So we often leave out definite […]

A Tale of Two Elevators

This week I’d like to go back a few years to describe two different elevator stories: one with a happy ending and another that was not. To start, let me try to paint the picture of what in-person Alliance hiring conferences were like prior to us shifting to virtual conferences. They all took place in […]

A Bad Habit You Didn’t Know You Had

If you have been in the Military for a few years, you may have received some instruction on the Military writing style. I recall learning some of the basics from a former Company Commander as well as what they taught us in the Infantry Officer Advanced Course. This training proved valuable later in my career […]

Attitude is Everything

James Citrin is a well-known executive recruiter, career coach, and author of several informative books including one on our recommended reading list, The First 90 Days. In his book called The Career Playbook, he offers advice to aspiring professionals. One thing he mentions is that “Nothing is more important than a positive attitude.” Citrin rightly […]

Attacking Imposter Syndrome

In a recent book by Adam Grant, called Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things he speaks about overcoming Imposter Syndrome. If you are not familiar with Grant, he is a well-respected organizational psychologist and professor at the Wharton Business School. He was rated by students as the #1 professor at Wharton for 7 straight […]