Why is it so difficult for veterans to find a great career on their own?


Are you a military veteran seeking employment in the corporate sector?  Here is a snippet from a veteran’s LinkedIn post that you might relate to:

I applied to over 200 jobs and dealt with no fewer than 5 recruiters. Most of these yielded lackluster results. Of my 200+ job apps, I got only 4 phone calls. 2 of them said “No thanks” because I lacked the AutoCAD skills needed for the job (fair enough). The 3rd call happened because a good friend from the Navy helped me get an interview. The fourth happened several months after I had begun working.

Sound familiar? Have you applied for a job online, only to be disappointed?  It is a common experience.  You upload your resume to a company’s career portal and wait anxiously for a response. A day, a week, a month goes by with nothing but an initial automated response telling you that your application was received and that they appreciate your interest in the job.

Well, most likely your resume fell into the company’s “Black Hole” otherwise known as their Applicant Tracking System or ATS.   While they come in many forms, your typical ATS is just a large database used by internal company recruiters to source candidates.  They use it to search for key words, certifications, education, and other professional credentials.  Think about it – the day you uploaded your resume, hundreds of other applicants uploaded theirs as well.  And the difference between you and them?  Many of them have corporate experience that you do not.  The unfortunate consequence is that companies overlook capable veterans for positions in which they could excel if only given the chance.

It is the age-old dilemma of how do I get a job without experience, but how do I get experience without a job?  Well, this is where a military recruiting firm like Alliance Careers can help you tremendously.  Our unique model allows us to arrange for interviews with top companies that you would never be able to get on your own.  Why?  Because Alliance is regarded as the premier source for military talent to the corporate world.  We have worked diligently with hiring managers to get them to understand the unique skill sets possessed by today’s military officers.  They understand that your lack of corporate experience is made up by your ability to lead, embrace hardship, overcome obstacles, make decisions, work under stress, and solve problems.

No doubt, you have heard of other recruiting firms making the same claim.  The difference between them and us?  Well for one, will they pay for your travel and lodging to attend their hiring events while putting you through a deliberate training program?  Why should that be a big deal other than just saving you $500 – $1,000?  Our investment represents a strong statement to our corporate partners: we wouldn’t make that investment if we weren’t working with the best the military has to offer.  While every recruiting firm claims to represent the best (that’s Marketing 101, after all), Alliance is the only one that believes it enough to put our capital on the line.  Our corporate partners are savvy business professionals who understand we would not make such a financial commitment if we didn’t truly represent the best.  It’s also a major reason why we only accept 300 candidates per year into our program.

So in searching a recruiting firm to assist you in your transition, go with one that has skin in the game and partners with only the best candidates and companies. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our program.