The following testimonial comes from Bryan, an Army captain, that attended our June 2018 conference.  Before linking up with Alliance, Bryan and his wife attended a hiring conference from a competing selective JMO recruiting firm.  While Bryan had the opportunity to interview with several companies through this recruiting firm, it was all for naught in that the only offer he received was for a company in which he had very low interest.  After that disappointing experience, he reached out to Alliance for help.  The end result is that he recently accepted a position with a Fortune 50 and “Most Admired” company as a Medical Device Sales Representative.  It is the exact type of career that he had hoped for all along.

Here is what Bryan had to say about his experience with Alliance:

When I came to Alliance I was unsure of what to expect. Having been let down by my previous JMO recruiter I had begun to worry about my transition to the corporate sector. The 3 biggest takeaways I had from my Alliance experience were thus. First, every opportunity presented before me was an opportunity to grow in a company. There was not a single opportunity where I felt I would be simply taking a job to use as a stepping stone to a different opportunity. Next was preparation. Before I ever sat down with a single company, I had done 4 full fledged mock interviews where I was consistently critiqued and improving. This preparation allowed me to interview with more confidence and provide answers that best showcased my success in the military. Lastly, the Alliance team truly cared about me and my family. They were not pushing me to take a job I did not want for the sake of a paycheck. They want to see JMOs enter a company and start the career that they are the best suited for. Alliance is not just the name of a company, but a credo to that helps make a difference in the lives of transitioning JMOs. My only regret was not coming to Alliance first.

In summary, Bryan appreciated 3 things about his experience with Alliance

  1. Great career options
  2. Focused preparation from industry professionals
  3. Personalized Service

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