JMO Recruiting, Disrupted


I am proud to announce the latest evolution in Alliance Careers transition program. First, the background.  We have always prided ourselves on being the most candidate focused JMO recruiting firm in existence.  We have done so by being selective and limiting our recruiting to a small population – only 300 per year.  From our founding, we have made it our mission to disrupt an industry that was unjustly skewed by not treating candidates and clients as equal partners.

Our program is one that invests a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort in our candidates by providing business training, multiple mock interviews, resume preparation assistance along with providing opportunities to interview with specially chosen corporate partners.  And to top it all off, we have stood alone in paying for the travel and lodging costs for our candidates.  To put our money where our mouth is, we have also guaranteed those candidates with employment even if it meant putting them on the Alliance payroll.  That program has benefited countless veterans and will continue unchanged.

Over the years, countless officers candidates have appreciated the significant investment we make and have agreed to to use Alliance as their first means of securing employment until after they attend one of our conferences. Top candidates have accepted this partnership as a fair arrangement to gain the unmatched support we provide.  But this partnership is not for everybody.  The unfortunate downside has been that we have had to turn away some very talented officers because they were already seeking employment through their owns means and were reluctant to back away from those efforts in order to partner with Alliance.  Along the way, we have heard things like “I’d love to work with Alliance because I have heard great things from my friends, but I am unwilling to put my own career search efforts on hold.”

Well, we have listened and created an additional program option to assist those officers as well.  We call it our Limited Partnership.  Here is the basic rundown of this new program.  We will still maintain the same highly selective standards of working with only the highest caliber officers.  We will continue to provide those veterans unmatched training along with access to the same great companies at our National Hiring Conferences.  The biggest difference is that there will be no restrictions to them interviewing on their own. What’s the catch? Those candidates will need to fund their own travel and lodging to their conference (though lodging will be available at a nicely discounted rate).  Nor will they get the insurance policy of guaranteed employment.  The simple fact is, over the years many candidates have requested this option and as we approach 2017 we are now ready to offer it to select candidates. Alliance will now be the first selective firm in the industry to offer such a Limited Partnership while simultaneously continuing to offer the Traditional Partnership that has become the industry’s gold standard.

Is there a risk for us with this new option?  Absolutely.  We could be investing valuable training in candidates only for them to take those skills to an interview that was arranged by one of our competitors.  However, the overwhelming success of our traditional partnership option has created an environment where helping those officers seems worth that risk.

Are there more details?  You bet, but those better suited for a discussion with one of our corporate recruiters.  If you would like to hear more, please contact us here.

John Zornick